Algovera Access Pass

Tired of buying credits?
Make a one-time purchase for ETH to get monthly credits and other perks.

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null credits per month for null months

Priority support

Get higher priority support from the core team

Early Access

Be the first to use new models and workflows


Token-gated Discord channel, events and rewards


The Algovera Platform is currently in Beta, and is set for significant upgrades.

Multiple Assistant Types

Use one credit system to access multiple AI assistants on the platform. Interact with AI to generate and automate your work.

Prompt Suggestions

Quickly access the most popular prompts.

Third-Party Service Integrations

Include third-party services and tools like Discourse, Twitter, Discord, Notion, etc. in your workflows.

Web3 Integrations

Use AI assistants to automate Web3 actions and tasks.

GUI for AI

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for building and managing AI workflows.

Google Auth & Fiat Payment

Sign in to our platform with Google and buy credits using your credit card.

API for AI

Embed your workflow or parts of your workflow in an application by generating an API endpoint.

Collaborate with Others

Built-in collaboration and sharing capabilities, such as version control and team-based permissions.